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  Home » Anti Spam » X-Spam for MS Exchange 2000/2003 » Features
  X-Spam for Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003
  E-mail Content Checks & other features  
E-mail Content Checks
X-Spam performs rigorous email content checks. Figure 2 gives a screen shot from X-Spam with these features.

Figure 2. E-mail Content Checks
(click on the image for bigger view)

The checks are explained below:

Domain/User Content Check White List
If a Domain/User is on this list, all mails to that user/domain are accepted "without content checks".

Regular Expression and Content Filter
After mail has been accepted, it is checked with a whole range of predefined and user defined regular expression and content tests. A regular expression provides a powerful way to describe several different permutations of content as well as properties of restricted text in the email body. These tests filter emails based on reserved content but also perform header and content analysis.

Meta Filter
Meta Filter combines various non-meta tests to form even more powerful Spam fighting tests. Boolean expressions are used to combine various tests into more complex and concrete tests. X-Spam for Exchange 2000-2003 comes with predefined meta tests and these will be regularly updated through X-Spam for Exchange 2000-2003's update mechanism.

When heuristics are enabled, each regular expression is associated with a score. When a test is positive, its score is added to the total Spam score of that email and tested to see if it has either crossed a user configurable threshold for Spam and non-Spam. If the test crosses either, no further tests are executed. Users can also specify their own scores using the User Interface.

Other Features

Automatic Updates
X-Spam allows you to automatically connect to MicroWorld download mirror sites and download updates.

Figure 3. Auto download Updates
(click on the image for bigger view)

Customizable Actions
All the settings are highly configurable and customizable. After a mail is accepted and identified as Spam, the following actions can be taken:
  • It can be moved to a special Spam folder in a user's inbox for an IMAP setup.
  • It can be tagged in the subject line. A special header can be inserted to indicate it is Spam.
  • The mail can be deleted although we do not recommend this since false positives can then never be recovered.

It provides Relay Control using IP-blocks (to ensure that unauthorized IP addresses are blocked from sending mails through the Mail Server). X-Spam SMTP proxy can handle multiple domains. It provides Hop Control to ensure that the mails do not loop and also provides routing facilities.

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