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 Application features of MailScan  
Anti Virus Scanner
MailScan has its' own inbuilt Anti-Virus, 'eScan', which is integrated with the software in DLL format.

Content Scanning*
All incoming and outgoing messages are scanned for abusive words and/or phrases, which are pre-defined by the Security Policy Administrator of MailScan. If such words occur, warning messages can optionally be sent to the Administrator, the sender and the recipient.

Global Content-Control policies (pre-defined words and phrases) are dynamically updated from the Internet at regular intervals, along with normal Anti-Virus and Policy updates.


Oversized files are compressed using standard file compressors. MailScan can be configured to create '.EXE' files or self-extracting zip files that can be automatically uncompressed at the recipient's machine, even if the recipient does not have an Unzip Package installed on his machine.

Uncompress Facility*
All incoming compressed attachments can be uncompressed, scanned for viruses and passed to the Mail Server for distribution to the end users.

Virus Scanning
MailScan, scans all incoming and outgoing e-mails for viruses using the 'eScan' Anti Virus software, developed by MicroWorld.

Virus infected attachments are disinfected and sent to their destination. Non removable virus infected attachments, are either deleted or quarantined. If MailScan detects a Word or Excel attachment that contains an infected macro, it removes the virus from the attachment. Clean Macros are not removed from the document.

In case of any virus infection, appropriate warning messages, with the Virus Name, Action taken and e-mail details, are sent to the e-mail Sender, the Recipient and the Mail-Server Administrator.

Automatic Updates
MailScan has self-learning and automatic detection capabilities that recognize the Internet connectivity. When MailScan detects an Internet connection, it automatically connects to MicroWorld's FTP server to check for and download Updates. With this feature (that works on dedicated as well as dial-up lines), all MailScan users across the world receive updates on a regular basis. Both Attachment filter rules and AntiVirus Updates are downloaded.

Automatic updates can be via FTP or HTTP. Proxy and Firewall (Passive FTP) support is provided. Broken FTP Updates can be resumed from breakpoint.

Scan Control*

Administrators can define a selective list of users (on the MailScan Server) whose mails need to be scanned for any restrictive content, as defined by the Network Administrators. Administrators can also block certain domains (users cannot send or receive mails from such pre-defined domains).

Attachment Reservation
Administrator can restrict certain attachments from being sent or received from the Internet. For example, a rule can be defined so that any e-mail received by a user having *.EXE or *.COM file attachments, should be auto-forwarded to the administrator. Unknown viruses can be very effectively tackled using such rule-sets.

Policy based Rule-Sets
MailScan works on policy-based Rule-Sets. Rule-Sets have been categorized as Universal and Company-specific.

A Universal Rule-Set is defined by MicroWorld and is applicable to all the customers.

Company-specific Rule-Sets are configured by the Network Administrators and are specific to a company.

Customized Messages
Customized Virus Warning, Content Warning and Reserved Attachments Warning can be sent to the Administrator, the sender and the recipient.

Warning messages can be in text or HTML. They can be in English or any other language.

Forcibly Scan HTML Messages
It forcibly scans HTML messages (not having attachments), to prevent script viruses (like Bubble-boy) from entering your network.

Malicious Attachments Deletion
Provides an option to forcibly delete known malicious attachments (Trojans and worms) at the gateway level itself. This list is dynamically updated from the Internet at regular intervals, along with normal Anti-Virus and Policy updates.

S/MIME Check of Messages
MailScan has the capability to check if an e-mail is digitally signed (S/MIME) and warn the user if the content gets changed.

MailScan works like a Service
It can be installed as a System-Service on Windows 95/98/ME and Windows NT/2000.

Heuristic Scanning
MailScan's heuristics scanning feature ensures that 90% of unknown viruses are automatically detected, much before the world even gets to know about these viruses. Unknown virus infected files display suspicious behavior. Such files and attachments are detected by MailScan's heuristics engine and are quarantined to a safe directory.

Easy and convenient Administration
MailScan provides a very easy and convenient way of administrating Rule-Sets and Security Policies. Users can install MailScan and use the default settings. All threats, updates, security policies and rule-sets are "automatically updated" from the Internet, without any user-intervention.

Get Up-to-date names of Viruses via e-mail
Whenever MailScan automatically downloads updates, the administrator is informed by e-mail about the time and date of update, number of files downloaded and also a list of viruses that the update cleans. Virus policy updates are done on a daily basis.

Extensive Logs
Every action of MailScan is properly logged. The administrator can control size of Log files and create backups of old Log Files.

TCP Connection added
The TCP Connections link opens a screen that lists all the active TCP connections on your system. Information about the processes, protocol, local addresses, remote address and the status of the process is given. Menus in the tool bar allow you to resolve address, find properties of processes, end processes, etc.

RBL link added in MailScan Administrator

Option added connects to the URL www.rbls.org site. This site provides IPs of known Spammers and has an active real time blackhole lists. You can verify if any IP that connects to your mail server is listed and take the appropriate action.

* These features are only available in the standard version of the following MailScan Products.
1. MailScan 5.6 for Mailtraq.

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