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  MailScan Commendations
(The following feedback was filled in on our International web site on May 1st, 2005)

Name : Daniel
Company : Kmedia
Designation : CEO
Phone : +62811******

Question A : How would you rate our eScan product?
Answer : excellent

Question B : How would you rate our MailScan products?
Answer : excellent

Question C : How would you rate our product ProxyGate?
Answer : excellent

Question D : How appropriate was the product cost viz-a-viz the Product / Services provided?
Answer : good

Question E : How fast was MicroWorld's response to your suggestions and needs?
Answer : excellent

Question F : How did you find the quality of our Products / Services?
Answer : excellent

Question G : How informative do you find our website http://www.mwti.net
Answer : good

Question H : To what extent do you find our employee knowledge useful for resolving your problems?
Answer : NA

Question I : To what extent were our service personnel responsive to your support needs?
Answer : NA

Question J : How would you rate our following support services?

Question J - 1 : Personnel Support
Answer - 1 : excellent

Question J - 2 : Chat Support
Answer - 2 : excellent

Question J - 3 : Phone Support
Answer - 3 : excellent

Question J - 4 : e-mail Support
Answer - 4 : excellent

Your valuable comments / suggestions :
Make it your product the best from the best range.
My word is "No such products in the world can fight it !"!

May 1st, 2005.

Mark Farley

I have been using MailScan for SMTP Servers since October, 2002, and I have found it to be an invaluable tool for the administration of our e-mail system. Our Spam volume has dramatically reduced since installing their product and viruses are virtually nonexistent.

The support staff has been there when I needed them and they have been quick to resolve any issues I had. I would recommend MailScan for SMTP Servers to other e-mail administrators seeking an easy and effective way to control and Spam and viruses.

Mark Farley
Data Center Specialist (E-mail Administrator)

September 7th, 2004.

Regardt v.d Berg

MailScan for Linux is a great piece of software, I love it,

If I ever migrate to Linux completely I will definitely be making use of this antivirus.

Senior Technical Writer
SA Computer Magazine

June 19th, 2004.

Larry L Story

Congratulations, you have been very kind to me for about 3 years now, I wish I could say the same for tech support on windows media player, they wanted to charge me 245 dollars, after a little closer study I fixed it myself. Your virus pro people have done a great job and have been right there when I needed them..... Thanks again!!!!

January 29th, 2004.

Roman Surla

Thank you for your offer, but we already have a fully licensed copy of MailScan for 25 users and I think that your product is very good or the best antivirus on the market today. We have it for about 1,5 year and we didn't have any problems, not with viruses like the others with panda, sopvos, Norton, not with software. Everything works just fine....

Regards from Slovenia

April 29th, 2003.

Dan J.

Hi Swapnil and Vidya.

You guys/gals are really great and wonderful in my books. Your response is fast, and your concern for your client exemplary. Thank You very much indeed.

Thanks again for your excellent service.

April 5th, 2003.

Dave Bacon

PERFECT! That problem is now fixed. Thank you so much for your very quick response to this issue. I am VERY impressed by everyone's professional commitment to your products and your perspective customers.


April 4th, 2003.

Dan Jeremiah

Thank you for your reply regarding the upgrade to eScan version 2003. Please do let me know when you launch this version.

I must commend you and your staff for your excellent service, professionalism and attention. In today's business arena, such outstanding performance is rare indeed.

Again, thanks.

Dan Jeremiah

January 27th, 2003

Stephen Hartley

I have been running eScan on 5 of my sites since about November 2000. Not one virus has got through the system. Plus it has content management built in - what more can you ask for?

Around 80% of all Klez attacks on my system last year came from systems supposedly protected by Norton's - need I say any more?

Stephen Hartley
Brisbane, Australia
January 11, 2003

Jim Ganong

It's working perfectly. I haven't had ONE problem. It's the best product I've come across in 22 years in I.T. as far as ease of use and installation and doing exactly what it says it can do, with no hitches. If only you could develop for Microsoft!

2nd January 2003

Theo Peters

Thanks to the product of Microworld we are finally virus free. Our customers are happy. Some did even uninstall there anti virus software. We purchased MailScan for Vopmail. The support is really what they say: 24/24 They do the job well. Please continue with the support like this. (Other company's could learn something from it.) Ok we agree that it is not cheap, but you get what you paid for.

People of Microworld: thanks for the great products and keep it up like it is.

Theo Peters
from the Netherlands
September 4, 2002

Sid Da Costa

Just some feed back from a client, this anti virus solution is really great and easy to use.

Will hopefully be placing some more orders soon.

Thanks again for your help.

Kind Regards,

Sid Da Costa
Computek Services Ltd.
July 16, 2002

Chris Stead

I instead downloaded a copy of MS SMTP and installed this on the gateway. After a few initial config problems, the final product was installed and the customer was VERY impressed with the ease of administration, look, feel etc, etc. Nice to get some positive feedback, and of course we had fun thinking of all the swear words we could (including a few foreign ones).

Can you please invoice me for the SMTP version, he is happy to stay with this even when he migrates to Win2K and Exchange2K.


Chris Stead.
Avertis Ltd.
July 16, 2002

Andy Chunn

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how pleased we are with your MailScan for Mailservers 3.1a software. So far, it is running smoothly and catching the various virus and trojans attempting to be sent through our mailserver. It is transparent to our server use, the virus definition updates are timely and painless, and it is allowing our technical staff more time for other jobs - not dealing with virus infections on a regular basis.

Although we have only been using your product for a short while, it seems to be the answer to our constant virus problems. Thanks again for a great product.


Andy Chunn
Director of Technology
Giles Co. School System
July 15, 2002

William Donovan

We were having a real problem with the current strain of viruses that don't require the end user to open attachments. These viruses were infecting our teacher notebook computers and office workstations even with virus software installed. I finally decided to search for a virus scanner that would work with our mail server, Communigate Pro. I went to the Communigate Pro web site and found three products that were recommended. After testing all three I was most impressed with MailScan for both its easy install and configuration and for its ability to automatically update the virus definitions required to keep our mail safe from viruses. Installing MailScan on our Communigate Pro mail server solved our problem with viruses delivered via mail. Since MailScan was installed, I have not discovered one virus on any of our teacher or office workstation machines. Viruses are removed from our mail messages almost daily by the MailScan software. I would highly recommend MailScan to anyone using Communigate Pro.

William Donovan
Technology Director
July 15, 2002

Taneka and Todd Johnson

We would just like to take the time to sincerely pay thanks to the wonderful free download that we retrieved from your site. The download got rid of that horrible KLEZ virus- :)

Thanks Again,
Taneka and Todd Johnson

Taneka and Todd Johnson
June 10, 2002

M.R. Mohan

Please subscribe me for virus alert list. Your product for virus scanning is fantastic.

M.R. Mohan
May 23, 2000

Jose Domingo Canton Lopez

Su programa CLKLEZ.EXE me ha resuelto de manera excelente una infeccion en mi PC.

Muchas Gracias

Jose Domingo Canton Lopez.
May 11, 2002

Amy Jahn

Thank you very much,

I will tell you that I was in the process of purchasing the upgrade of my Norton Anti-Virus, but after your excellent customer service to me and your free download for this problem I will be purchasing your product instead.

By the way the findings showed no infected files, but one "corrupt" file. Pardon my computer ignorance, but I assume that means something different and that it did not involve this particular virus. Is that correct?

Thanks again.

Amy Jahn
May 08, 2002

Jatin Shah

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thanks for your information.

We read your advice and immediately deleted the virus called patche.exe former inbox.

Thanks once again and do tell us in future regarding any new virus.

Jatin Shah

John Pocock

What can I say... fantastic product, I have it liked with vpop3, keep up the good work.

John Pocock

Rob LeVine


I just wanted to drop you folks a line and tell you how happy I have been with how both Vpop3 from PSCS and MailScan from Microworld Systems work together in our production environment. We process several thousand inbound and outbound e-mail messages a day for an Internet auto parts vendor and both of the products easily stand up to the task. They work great together, even better since the upgrade of MailScan to Release 3 and the latest VPOP3 Enterprise code. I know you guys were skeptical of the higher prices that Microworld charged for v3 when it was first released - but it is worth it. Plus, their tech support and customer service is fantastic! Much like yours at PSCS! Over the last 6 months I have found Microworld to be accessible and responsible - open to suggestions and bug reports and fast with fixes. Overall - they have never let me down! These are the same traits that impressed me about PSCS when I first signed up as a reseller several years ago with you.

The real reason I sent this note was that I was at the PSCS site and in the section where you talk about hooks and third party programs you mention that MailScan scans for infection - but you do not mention that it also does content and attachment filtering - while saying such about Mail Essentials from GFI. We use the content filter to reduce our inbound Spam to just a trickle and it works great! Plus, with MailScan running on our servers (plus, eScan on the desktop), we have been virus free from day one! That is quite a feat considering the amount of e-mail we process.

This omission may lead visitors to your site to not consider MailScan - and miss their chance to use VPOP3 and MailScan together - a winning combination. Perhaps you could change it to reflect these additional features available in MailScan When the paper is full of articles about a big corporations e-mail servers and workstations being hit by viral problems, and their operations being greatly affected, I am able to boast to the "higher ups" in this company that, even with our smaller size, and smaller budget, we are able to process a rather large amount of mail and stay virus free day in and day out. These positive results have lead to extra compensation for me for a job well done - when in fact - it is PSCS and Microworld that deserve the credit!

Rob LeVine


Am so impressed with your TEAM. When you say you're going to do something you do. Very impressive. And very unusual.

Someone did follow up with me and took care of my request. Thank you. Will continue to use and recommend your services. :)


Robert LeVine

I just wanted to send a quick note and thanking you,

Your support staff, and developers, for your hard work on eScan/MailScan Service Pack 2. It addressed several critical issues and has made my support of the product much easier. For example, Word documents with comments entries that had been altered by the infecting virus would cause very slow load times with service pack 1 - while service pack 2 did not have such difficulties.

In addition, the way that files with multiple extensions (or multiple . in the file name) were troublesome until SP2.

In any case, thank you for your continued efforts in improving the product. It is well on its way of becoming the new defacto standard for virus protection - all due to your hard work and diligence.

Robert LeVine

Robert LeVine

As we all know - Microworld Anti Virus products are the best!

Thanks for all your hard work!

"If you are using eScan and MailScan, you will automatically be protected"

Robert LeVine

Ken Stranger

Apart from our little glitch with the archive copies that got through (the mailing it prob), it is in my opinion a brilliant product and we are pushing it on all who will part with some money. I am extremely impressed with both MailScan and Mdaemon, and it is hard to impress me after being in this industry for so long.

I was also impressed with your response to any and all issues I have passed to you. It is a pleasant change in this industry to get people serious about their product and willing to respond to real issues rather than just ignore them and hope they will go away.

Thanks for your help to date.


Guillermo Dewey

I appreciate it .. this is a small thing but ones a spammer trays one of our host I know we or anybody can have this problem.. (when having this kind of configuration).. on the other hand I want you congratulate your guys.. the product its really good :) I have try to configure some other gateways and they are really a pain and most of them are not really made for other smtps than exchange, mdeamon etc.. :) I am really glad I found MailScan :)

Best regards

Lutz-R. Frank


v3.0 runs absolutely stable on my productive W2k-pro(SP2) server. Not a single hickup since weeks running the '160-build.

Best wishes,

Lutz r

Matt Collier

Just to fill some space, I'd let you guys know that I had been running 3.0a build 152 on my own server for 30 days straight without incident, and without a reboot. Just yesterday I upgraded to build 160 which I did not know existed until I looked on the Microworld FTP site (ftp.microworldsystems.com). I have also had an opportunity to implement the MailScan for Exchange Server on two occasion.

Many in this forum have expressed concerns with the new MWL (MicroWorld Winsock Layer) which is an integral part of the 3.0a product. Initially, I was very apprehensive as well, however, I'm a believer now! This is the right way to go! There have been bumps in the road already, and there will be more to come, but it is worth it!

I have customers who purchased a significantly more expensive virus package for their mail servers made by Computer Associates. When VBS/VBSWG.j@MM hit this week, my MailScan servers were kicking that thing out like crazy. I must have received 100 virus notifications on Monday. Meanwhile Computer Associates is scrambling around to come up with an update for a virus that was identified in August of 2000!?!?

I'll now have a good look at the rest of your website and your products.

Matt Collier

Russel, russw.com

Are you happy about MailScan? Yes extremely!

Is it doing the job to your satisfaction? Yes and better!

Other comments... Yes your product is very good and we are happy to work with you.

Thanks again,


Thanks for asking about the MailScan program. I must tell you that other than the advertised ability to scan MDaemon Mail messages for viruses, your fast responses to my questions had a major influence on the decision to purchase your program.

So far, I'm very happy with the MailScan program. We only started using the program on our production mail server last night, so it has only been running in the real word a few hours, but I think it is doing what I expected the software to do.

Mike Lumsden

I do like the eScan program though and I will be buying a copy as it seems to work exactly as I want it to work. All mail is checked as it arrives, it is careful with Java and ActiveX controls but not as eSafe was getting, over careful and it's blocking, has over the last year or so, become very aggressive. I do all my banking online and a lot of other work and the sites I use make use of a very large amount of java and activeX for their security. eSafe, although a superb program and one I have put my faith into for many years (Elia-Shim prior to eSafe) is just too aggressive when it comes to these sites. It tends to block me completely and once it's done that I have to re-boot to be able to get back on the site again with eSafe turned off completely, something I do not like to do in this day and age. However eScan allows me to access my sites with no alteration in the setup but it seems to catch everything nasty coming in here. I have already mentioned it to some friends and you can rest assured I will be mentioning eScan a lot more in the very near future. I am even prepared to stay back here in The Bat and dump Turnpike, which I just purchased as I no longer have an account with Demon Internet who let their users have it for free.

Michele Gioffredo, bettcher.com

I would just like to comment to the staff of MailScan! Yesterday... the Lovebug hit and thanks to your program, we were not hit! There were many tries, but Mailscan caught it everytime. Congrats on a job well done! Thanks again!

Best regards,
Jost Nickel.

AlanB, Limerick Institute of Technology, Ireland.

We use a Dell Poweredge Multiple 350 MHz Processors, 3 * 18 Gb SCSI III Hard Disks and 512MB of Ram. Only thing running on the Box is NT4.0/SP6 Mail Daemon and MailScan.

By the way, I sent off payment to license MailScan Unlimited and 3 Year Contract last week as I'm impressed so far. Keep up the good work.

Alan Sedgley (IT manager), VHE Holdings plc.

I am now using version 2.

The upgrade from 1.4.5 worked very well.

The automatic updates from the Deerfield site is a welcome addition. I watched the system update the other day and it seemed extremely good.

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Hi There I must say your support is great I only wish other tech companies were half as good.

David Hyde

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