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 Home » MailScan for SMTP » How MailScan for SMTP Works
 MailScan for SMTP Servers
 AntiVirus and Content Security at the Mail Gateway 
How MailScan 6.x for SMTP Server works?
MailScan 6.x for SMTP Servers provides Virus Security, Content Security and Spam Security for your e-mail server. It is placed in the path of SMTP traffic and all e-mails pass through MailScan before reaching their destination.

When an e-mail is received:
  • It is dis-assembled into the following components:
    • Header
    • Body
    • Attachments

  • Body and attachments pass through the Virus-Analyzer and the Content-Analyzer.
  • Based on the results, the mail is either:
    • Delivered to its destination
    • Forwarded to the administrator
    • Deleted or
    • Quarantined
Mail Receiver:.
MailScan has a comprehensive SMTP receiver daemon. Termed as the SMTPD-SMTP Server, the daemon receives mail from sender and saves it in the spool directory for further processing. The SMTP receiver daemon is a multi-threaded module and can handle heavy e-mail traffic.

MailScan's SMTP Server can prevent unauthorized relaying using two techniques:
  • Checks validity of the Sender-Domain before accepting an e-mail connection.
  • Allows only known IP addresses to send e-mails to the Internet.

Message Dis-assembly
The MailScan Dispatcher splits each e-mail message into various components such as the header, body and attachment. Compressed formats (ZIP, ARJ, etc.) are scanned for viruses and cleaned.

MailScan Content Validation

  • Each attachment (including the body, if it is in HTML format) is checked for:
    • Viruses (using the AVP Anti-Virus engine)
    • Restricted Content (using the Content Analyzer)
    • Eligibility of the attachments to pass through the gateway (using the Attachment Validation engine)

Mail Delivery

  • Depending on the results of content and attachment validation, the e-mail is either:
    • Sent to the destination
    • Quarantined or
    • Forwarded to the Administrator

As and when required, warning messages to the sender, the recipient and the administrators are generated.

  • The e-mail is sent to its destination using a fixed routing (relay) or by using DNS lookups.
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