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 Home » MailScan for VPOP3
 MailScan for VPOP3
 AntiVirus and AntiSpam at the Mail Gateway 
At the Mail Gateway, MailScan 5.6 for VPOP3 scans and cleans mails that flow between all local users and the mails between the Internet and Mail Server. It protects organizations against Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Backdoors and many other malware, blocks Spam and Phishing mails, while also providing total Content Security for Enterprises.


Web Based Administration
MailScan Administration Console can be accessed using a browser, thus enabling Remote Administration of the application. All the features of MailScan for Mail Servers are available in the web interface.

Advanced AntiSpam and AntiPhishing
MailScan stops Spamming and Phishing using a combination of highly powerful technologies like,

Non Intrusive Learning Patterns (NILP)
This is a revolutionary technology from MicroWorld that works on the principles of Artificial Intelligence to create an adaptive mechanism in Spam and Phishing Control.

This technology can analyze each email according to the Behavioral Patterns of the user and can take an informed decision there after. It has the capability to learn on its own and can also incorporate regular research feeds from the MicroWorld Server.

Real-time Black List (RBL)
RBL is a DNS Server that lists IP Addresses of known Spam sending machines. If the contacting IP is found to be in one of the blacklisted categories, the connection is terminated.

Unlike normal RBLs, SURBL Check works by scanning for the presence of names or URLs of Spam websites in the message body.

General Header Tests
MailScan checks the validity of all the headers in the mail and if any of the headers are found to be invalid, the mail will be considered as Spam.

MX/A DNS Record Verification
The domain part of the email address in the "MAIL FROM" SMTP command is checked to see if it has a DNS MX (Mail Server) and/or A (IP) record as it is typical of spammers to use non-existent domains in their emails.

Reverse DNS
A reverse DNS check is performed to see if the connecting IP resolves to a valid domain name before accepting or rejecting the email.

X-Spam Rules Check
X-Spam Rules are Rules that describe certain characteristics of a mail and they are matched against the mail header, body and attachment to generate a score for each mail. If the score crosses a threshold value, then the mail is considered a Spam.

Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
Sender Policy Framework is a world standard that helps to prevent forgery of sender address and is a powerful mechanism to stop Phishing mails.

Auto Updates for Spam Detection
The system updates the Bayesian Spam Database with probable phrases and words.

Power to Block Image Spam
MailScan uses powerful technologies to filter out image spam.

Real-Time Virus Scanning
Scans e-mails for all types of malware in Real-Time including all inbound and outbound, SMTP and POP3 mail traffic at the Mail Gateway itself.

Scanner Administration
This feature allows you can add local primary domain, configure settings for auto-download of updates and plug Internet Explorer vulnerabilities that allow Viruses to enter your system. You can also block or allow specific types of e-mail attachments that are prone to virus infections.

Heuristic Scanning
Sophisticated Heuristic Scanning to prevent newer Viruses, mutant variants and hidden malice in a proactive and pre-emptive manner.

Real-Time Content Scanning
All incoming and outgoing messages are scanned in Real-Time for offensive words, Adult Content and expressions using Security Policies.

Autogenerated Whitelist
When a local user sends a mail to an email address, the system automatically adds that id to the whitelist, so that mails from that id does not go through Spam Filtering.

LDAP Authenticated Web Administration
MailScan is powered with LDAP Authenticated Web Administration.

TCP Connections
This option shows all TCP/UDP connections in the system, like Processes, Protocol, Local Address, Remote Address, Data Sent, Data Received and more

Attachment Filtering
Extensive options to block certain attachments like EXE, COM, CHM or BAT from being sent or received.

Comprehensive Attachment & eMail Archiving
Customizable options to archive e-mails and attachments flowing in and out of the system. This also helps in comprehensive email auditing.

Mail Traffic Management with Scan Control
Provides an option to define a selected list of users, whose mails need to be scanned. You can also block certain users from sending or receiving emails.

Autogenerated Whitelist
When a local user sends a mail to an email address, the system automatically adds that id to the whitelist.

Compression and Decompression
Oversized files are compressed using standard file compressors with options for automatic decompression. MailScan can be configured to create 'EXE' files or self-extracting zip files that are automatically decompressed at the recipient's machine.

Customized Disclaimers
Easy to use options to add Customized Disclaimers all external and internal emails

Automatic Updates
Automatically updates new Virus Signatures and antidotes as the AntiVirus database of MailScan is updated every hour.

Extensive Reports
MailScan registers its activities into logs and generates graphical and non-graphical reports on demand, for review and analysis.

24x7 Free Technical Support
Online, telephonic and e-mail technical support are available free of cost, round the clock for all MicroWorld products.


Upgrade from MailScan 5.35 to MailScan 5.6

MailScan 5.6 for VPOP3Renew/Upgrade

System Requirements Available Platforms
Your system should have Windows 95 (II nd Edition)/NT or above installed.

Your system should have minimum of 64 MB RAM, 90 MB of free hard disk space and a CD ROM player.

Also supports AMD / Cyrix Processors

Version Info
Current Version - 5.6
  Works on all Windows platforms including Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP/2000 and 2003

Specific MailScan versions are available for following Mail Servers: Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Communigate Pro, MDaemon, VPOP3, Mailtraq, DMail/SurgeMail, Postmaster, Merak, Avirt, Sharemail, Netnow, Internet Anywhere, SpearMail and VOPMail.

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Hi There I must say your support is great I only wish other tech companies were half as good.

David Hyde

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