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  MWL Technology
  MicroWorld Winsock Layer  
Other areas where MicroWorld intends to use the MWL technology are:
  • Dynamic encryption and decryption of data.
  • Firewall application ('eConceal' from MicroWorld).
  • Client independent language translation (e.g.- www.hotmail.com to be made available in any language of user's choice).
  • E-CRM Business Modules (that are independent of both, the type of Mail Server and Database used).

MWL technology (used by MicroWorld to develop the products like 'MailScan' and 'eScan') ensures real time content scanning on all in-coming and out-going mails. All web traffic is scanned and processed before it reaches an application. eScan and MailScan complement each other by providing complete security cover against any threats to the content.

The software's (based on MWL technology), provide the following features:

  • Automatic detection of worms and viruses.
  • Automatic incremental downloads on daily / hourly basis.
  • Automatic attachment compression and decompression for optimal usage of bandwidth.
  • Scanning of compressed attachments.
  • Scrap mail deletion at the entry level.
  • Restriction on sending mails and receiving from a specified domain name.
  • Automatic reply to the administrator, recipients and the sender when infected attachment is detected.
  • Automatic downloads of regular Updates.

MicroWorld attempts to use its MWL technology and leverage the power of the Internet to offer the best breed of solutions to the customers by focusing on:

  • Building strong vendor relations to get MWL recognized and accepted all over the world.
  • Building API's and documentation to encourage other software vendors to develop software based on MWL technology.
  • Providing centralized installation of its entire Software Suite (comprising of MailScan, eScan and eConceal Firewall).
  • Building "easy to deploy and manage" features in the suite of products.
  • Providing integrated solutions that will understand the existence of other MicroWorld products anywhere across the Internet. This will help MicroWorld to offer maximum benefits of a combined suite of products and a product architecture that is truly based on the Internet technology.
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Customer Feedback


Hi There I must say your support is great I only wish other tech companies were half as good.

David Hyde

I really appreciate all your help with the Microsoft fiasco the other day. You always go the extra mile and no matter how it seems, I greatly appreciate you.

Jay Traylor

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