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ProxyGate is a full-featured, multi-threaded SMTP/POP3 proxy and Port redirector for Windows based machines. Taking very little memory & extremely fast, ProxyGate allows you to separate out your Mail Server from direct path of the Internet, in order to avoid any kinds of hacks. You can create any number of services inside ProxyGate & it also supports Proxy Cascading feature.

Main ProxyGate features :-

SMTP Proxy Service
This service creates a proxy to control incoming and outgoing email through the ProxyGate server and onto the network, including email aliases and filtering.

POP3 Proxy Service
This service creates a proxy to control downloading of emails through the ProxyGate server and onto the network.

Port Redirector Service (PRS)
Port redirection is an important concept in TCP/IP emulators because it allows other people to connect to your PC, as well as allowing some programs to work which normally would not work.

Port redirector service allows you to direct traffic from one port on machine A to another port on machine B. For example, if you run an Internet Webserver on a machine inside your LAN (which does not have access to the Internet) and want to provide access to the Intranet services for a user on the Internet (without exposing the Intranet Webserver to anyone on the Internet), you could use Port Redirector to enable this feature.

For example, say you are running an FTP server on your own PC (inside the LAN) and you want others to be able to connect to it, get files, upload files, etc. What you need to do is pick a port number, any port number above 1024 (for security reasons), and tell ProxyGate that any connections on that port are really connections to your FTP server :-) So effectively, you can run services on many of your computers inside LAN, and give access to these services for people on the Internet.

Again, using PRS, a small ISP can give its users, a facility to host web, FTP and other services.

There are other services being continuously added & you can upgrade the software free of cost (with new features), for 1-full year.

Other Features :-

  • Full Log of sessions & currently active sessions.
  • Any number of services, each can be configured independently to listen on any port or asked to bind on one or multiple IPs.
  • SMTP: Can limit number of simultaneous connections.
  • SMTP: Can limit size of messages.
  • SMTP: Relay control.
  • SMTP: Alias manipulation.
  • SMTP: Ability to specify Session Timeouts.
  • SMTP: Ability to dynamically substitute domains.
  • SMTP: Features to route or redirect mails to and from specific users or domains.
  • SMTP: Ability to reject mails from specific users, domains or IPs.
  • SMTP: Ability to specify IPs, domains or users from which mails are to be accepted.
  • POP3: Ability to specify access restrictions.
  • POP3: Direct or via Cascaded Proxy (supporting both Socks 4 and Socks 5).
  • POP3: Ability to pipe non-proxy requests to predetermined server.

System Requirements   Available Platforms
For Windows 95/98
Pentium Processor
64 MB of Physical Ram
50 MB of free H/Disk Space

For Windows ME/NT/2000/2003/XP -
Latest Service Pack Installed
Pentium - II Processor and above
128 MB of Physical Ram
50 MB of free H/Disk Space.

Version Info
Current Version - '2.x'

Win 95/98/2000/2003/NT/
ME/XP Home/XP Pro

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Customer Feedback


Hi There I must say your support is great I only wish other tech companies were half as good.

David Hyde

I really appreciate all your help with the Microsoft fiasco the other day. You always go the extra mile and no matter how it seems, I greatly appreciate you.

Jay Traylor

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